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My Realmood

Pamper Day

Our Story

My Realmood is a Canadian-based lingerie company with a mission to create products that make you feel beautiful, empowered and confident. Our lingerie is designed for dreamers who strive to make a positive difference in the world.

We believe that self-love and intimacy are the foundations of a healthy and happy relationship. With our lingerie, we want to spread love and create a safe space for anyone and everyone to embrace their true selves.

We strive to create unique and special lingerie that will make you feel like the goddess you are. Our mission is to make sure every woman feels radiant and empowered, no matter what their shape or size. Shop My Realmood and be part of the dreamers spreading love.

Made with love

Our designs are for body shapes and sizes. Moods cannot be dictated as the body shapes, and we strive to please you in every mood with timeless one-pieces, lush floral prints, or cheerful bright bikinis to make every woman feel beautiful and comfortable.

We have a thorough belief that every woman should have access to quality swimwear without compromising and paying a high price.

Get ready to fall in love with every piece from My Real Mood that is made keeping you in mind.

Female Friends

For every women and ever mood !

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